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We are able to commence, take over and conclude civil claims, debt recovery drives and criminal prosecution in any jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as undertake and diligently handle appeals arising there-out to superior courts up to the Supreme Court. We are also accomplished in dispute resolution by the alternative routes of arbitration, conciliation and mediation

We have ample experience and expertise in realisation of corporate debts through the processes of winding-up, liquidation, receivership and management.

We aren’t just lawyers – we are trusted business advisers. We work closely with our corporate clients to provide practical, customized solutions that further their business objectives. Our vast experience and expertise in the corporate and commercial law sector stand us in peculiar advantage to render proficient legal advice and opinions to companies, corporate investors and financial institutions. We draft, engross and review agreements and legal documents for our clients as well as provide legal guidance in the negotiations of different types of Contracts. We represent public and private companies, private equity firms, banks and non-bank debt investors, governmental entities, and other institutional investors on a variety of complex transactions and other matters.

Real Property Law is about availing clients the legal assistance to  manage their rights and responsibilities as landowners and advising on transactions to realise the economic potential of their properties. As Real Estate solicitors, we advise on commercial transactions such as acquisitions and disposals, leasing, development, joint ventures, estate management and funding arrangements. Our clients typically include property owners, developers, institutional investors, real estate funds, corporations, retailers, utilities companies and financial institutions. Our services in this area include conducting searches & due diligence, perfecting and protecting titles as well as assisting our clients to administer, charge or sell their real property anywhere within and outside Nigeria.

Our firm’s experience in the aviation sector includes virtually every aspect of the industry. Issues related to the purchase, licensing, leasing and charter of aircraft, inter-airline agreements and customer service complaints/claims are well within our forte. Our Maritime practice is equally robust and includes the resolution of charter disputes, maritime insurance claims, ship sales, purchasing and financing. We are also able to advise on local and international financing, regulatory compliances and allied matters relating to the establishment and operation of airlines, shipping lines and allied services in Nigeria and elsewhere.

We have expertise in the sensitive area of criminal law and practice. We are in tune with current developments in international crime, cyber-technology and the testy issues of repatriation, money laundering, international jurisdiction and pursuit/recovery of proceeds of crime.

Our affinity to and relationship with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) equips and stands us in an excellent position to render cutting edge services in the dynamic area of intellectual property identification, registration and protection on a global basis.

When your company needs knowledgeable oil, gas, and energy counsel down the street or across the globe, consider the Citadel of Law. With affiliation and correspondent relationships with law firms spread across several oil and gas-producing jurisdictions, our member law firms and lawyers know how the energy industry operates and have experience in all facets of the business, including transactions, regulatory issues, and litigation. We are thus able to place at your disposal in-depth knowledge of industry issues and well-developed connections in local and international legal and business communities. The Citadel of Law can assist your company in a range of exploration, production, transportation, refining, distribution, pipeline, environmental, and other legal and regulatory matters within and outside Nigeria especially with regards to the following focal areas 

  • Upstream: Exploration, production, service, acquisition, divesture (leases, wells, minerals, and royalties), and title work
  • Midstream: Acquisitions, divestures, building of pipelines and production infrastructure, transportation of hydrocarbons, state and federal regulatory issues
  • Downstream: Marketing, sales, service, refining, and chemicals
  • Civil litigation (Contract): Breach of contracts, JOAs, and royalty disputes
  • Civil litigation (Tort): Trucking accidents, workplace accidents, and pipeline explosions
  • Environmental: Regulatory and litigation, including state and federal agency actions
  • Criminal defence: Violations of federal and state laws.
  • Service and infrastructure: Manufacture of equipment, pipe, chemicals, and production facilities
  • Transportation: Ground or rail transportation of water, equipment, chemicals, and fluids
  • Transactional: Day-to-day legal issues, including contracts, financing, and securities
  • Alternative Energy: Solar, nuclear, and wind 

In addition, we have vast experience in processing, presenting applications and obtaining exploration licences, mining leases, heads of terms, joint ventures and generally advising on compliance with governing statutes and operation in the oil, gas and energy sector in Nigeria as well as globally. We are also able to handle community liaison, claim settlement and conflict resolution.

Access to funds and investments for project financing requires expertise in proposal/feasibility study, writing and presentation. This is especially so in the in the SME sector. We possess the expertise in this and allied areas. Our passion for working with the SME sector is born out of our conviction that the sector remains the only engine room of economic development wherein lies the secret behind the quantum leap from under-development to the comity of developed nations. We constantly run seminars and workshops for operators of and practitioners in this sector as well as advise and provide sundry consultancy services to them.

Today’s marketplace, with its confusing claims, offers and high prices, often resembles a maze, rather than a safe place to purchase the products and services we need for ourselves and families. Often we do not know what to believe about a product or service, or what they are truly worth. The Citadel of Law watches the marketplace, looking for consumer scams and misrepresentations about products and services. When threats to the consumer are found, we act to stop the offending activity and seek damages for those who are injured, making the marketplace a safer place for the consumer to shop

We provide sterling tax and insurance advisory services to clients in diverse sectors of the economy